• Director
  • Consultant Physiotherapist
  • BPTh
  • Experience : 15 Years of Experience
  • Nagpur MH.
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About Director:

•    Dr. Prachi Agrawal, an accomplished Physiotherapist, has done graduation from Sawangi Meghe, Wardha. She has vast experience in Neuro-physiotherapy and rehabilitation. She has worked in Trivandrum, Anantpuri Hospital, and SCTIMST as well. She has attended many workshops and advanced technical support. She was chief Physiotherapist & head of Apollo Clinics before. She is instrumental in setting up and successfully running the department at various institutes of repute. Out of the stupendous work acumen that Dr. Prachi Agrawal harbors, her main area of interest lies in Neuro Rehabilitation, Trauma Rehabilitation, and Cardiac Postoperative Physiotherapy. At NewEra Hospital, Dr. Prachi Agrawal is instrumental in setting up the fully equipped Physiotherapy Department par excellence.

•    Department consists of well-qualified MPth in cardio and Neuro with a focus on post-op rehabilitation of neurosurgery, spinal trauma and surgery, transplant surgery and cardiac surgery, and posts hip and knee replacement surgery and ICU patients. 

•    With all the modern gadgets like Matrix, TENS, SWD, Parallel bars, dedicated team with her and zeal, the department is keeping pace with the advance in technology and treatment.

Specialist In : 

•    Neuro, Cardiorespiratory

•    Transplant Rehabilitation Specialist

•    Rehabilitation