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He is Director of NewEra Hospital, and a dynamic Cardiac surgeon. He is President of Indian Association of Cardio-thoracic Surgeons. He has completed Super-specialisation training at K.E.M. Hospital in July 2002. He has Overseas Training in Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia to his credit as well. He is first one to do Awake Cardiac Surgeries in Maharashtra and first one in Asia to do complex rare surgeries in Dextrocardia.

Dr. Anand Sancheti skill involves in operating almost entire spectrum of cardiac surgeries and has performed more than 4000 operations as an independent cardiac surgeon with less than 2% mortality. He has expertise in doing off pump beating heart bypass surgeries and paediatric cardiac surgeries.

He has received various National awards for his contribution in the field of Cardio-thoracic Surgeries. He has received Lal Bahaddur Shatri award in year 2014. He is pioneering ECMO programme in the hospital to improve outcomes in critical patients with poor cardiopulmonary reserve. He has a number of International and National publications and authored books on Cardiac Surgery for Patients in 3 different languages.